Napoleon is created by a user called Haiki (User).

He is homeless and a pervert

Description Edit

Napoleon is a 46 year old weird looking human, he usually wears a pink shirt with long sleeves and a gray skirt. He has big black eyes, red afro and pink mustache.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to be homeless but still afford 100 pizzas that Haiki and Kayla ordered on his address as a prank.
  • He has a dorm with Michael in the same dormitory that Haiki, Kayla and Crystal lives in. But most of the time he’s living on a street.
  • He has his own cardboard figures.
  • He works as a cleaner in Gacha Life High School instead of going to jail.
  • He stole 24$ from Haiki and didn’t got arrested, but later he got arrested for being naked on the street.
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