Haiki is a character created by a user called the same way.

Description Edit

Haiki is a 20 year old green fox girl, she has big blue eyes, no nose and no natural blush. Her hair are light blue and has bows. She usually wears a green striped shirt with no sleeves, green skirt and black leggings. She also sometimes wears something different, mostly something green.

Personality Edit

Haiki is fun-loving, sweet, always happy and friendly person, sometimes when she’s mad her eyes turn red and she does thing she would never do when normal. Sometimes she’s very sad. Haiki is very kind-hearted and innocent girl, she rarely is mean to anyone. Haiki can be scared very easily, she is afraid of blood, loud noises and spiders.

Antagonistic side Edit

When Haiki is usually happy and nice, she also sometimes can be angry and mean.

  • When someone tells something mean to her or her friends, she will get angry. For example once Xavier called Kayla a crybaby, Haiki defended her, then Xavier insulted Haiki by saying “Oh look at me i am Haiki! I am so in loooooveee!!”
  • She killed her sister, because of revenge for everything bad she did.
  • She killed Alex and Christopher for kicking out England of their house

Abilities Edit

Without Mirage Staff Edit

With Mirage Staff Edit

  • Blasting
  • Creating new outfits
  • Erasing other’s memory
  • Healing
  • Controlling the time
  • Freeze someone in time

Quotes Edit

ehehe~” - Haiki’s giggle

Trivia Edit

  • When she’s mad her eyes are red which is probably a left out of Dark Haiki
  • She’s wanted by scientists that want to check if her species are related to plants
  • She was not learn how to talk when she was 6, but she somehow learned how to talk when she turned into 6 year old and was under Kayla’s care.
  • She doesn’t have any boots, she just has her black leggings.
  • Her dorm is very important to her
  • All of her daughters were adopted by Kayla (not counting Valencia)
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